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“The Private Market Whisperer is something to shout about. I couldn't click fast enough. Bravo Peggy.” Philippe Garneau, President GWP Brand Engineering, Co-founder The Catherine Wheel

“Good piece Peggy. Valuable information, will be looking forward to further articles.” Scott Delgaty, Portfolio Manager, Mandeville Private Client Inc.

“Very timely as there are so many bad investments driven by the social signals as opposed to proper due diligence going on in the market. A lot of GP's are spending money just to reach their fund timeline goals. This is why more and more LP's are putting in clawbacks on GP's as part of their investment. You are 100% right, there should be an investment thesis to start with :)” Rojin Nair, Head of Growth and Strategic Partnerships, Everlink

“Thanks again for sharing your fab insights Peggy - I'm looking forward to reading future editions!” Anthony Ostler, President and CEO of the Canadian Bankers Association

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